when you need something more

Sometimes an urgent situation requires immediate results…not just teaching you how to fish, but landing a few for you. There are several ways we can help.


It can be difficult to see needed improvements or have discipline to follow through. We provide objective assessment, critical evaluation and expert recommendations working directly with individuals or teams to achieve the right outcome. 

This can be determining the best approach and rehearsing for a big meeting or guiding leaders through a particularly thorny people problem, including:


At the highest level of involvement, we learn your business from the inside out and take on projects within our areas of expertise where we do the work.

This can be developing presentations, corporate materials, sales protocols, P&L analysis, compensation strategies, and the like. We work from your original sources and provide multiple review stages until you’re thrilled with it.

Importantly, we never accept projects without 100% confidence based on proven experience. Explain what you need, and we’ll tell you if we’re the right fit.