what are the best training practices?

Keep them engaged, enlightened & entertained

We’ve seen a seismic shift in shorter attention spans and higher desire for interactivity. People don’t want to sit still listening to lectures taking notes. We took note and effort to keep sessions as dynamic as possible.


18 to 24 people works best, enough for team activities without getting lost in the crowd. Everyone gets to be seen and heard.

People reach saturation faster, wanting half days vs. full days. We design for 3 to 4 hours and economize by running two in a day.

The more, the merrier. Enlist senior leaders to endorse/encourage and use our helpful reminder tools to keep it top of mind.

Programs emphasize interaction with polls, quizzes and call outs to spark reactions and unique exercises to provide practice:

  • role plays & simulations
  • case studies & real examples
  • brainstorming & problem solving 
  • partnered tasks & table group work

Workshops create a buzz, but behavior change takes months. We provide a number of digital tools to reinforce training over time.