LIVE Getting the Price Right

New Models for Ensuring Agency Profitability

Ron Baker

Move away from the outdated “We sell time” to more flexible, reasonable and profitable approaches

About the Speaker:

Ron is a financial and pricing expert who has authored eight best-selling books, including: The Firm of the FuturePricing on PurposeMeasure What Matters to CustomersImplementing Value Pricing, and his latest Time’s Up!: The Subscription Business Model for Professional Firms.


Understanding how clients make buying decisions is a key component to any successful pricing strategy. Grasping how decision makers are influenced by behavioral economics, marketing strategy and buying psychology makes you better able to guarantee consistent and increasing profitability.

You need to confront conventional agency wisdom that the only way to succeed is by leveraging people and hours, or “we sell time.” Instead of hourly billing and tracking timesheets, learn the principles of pricing from a financial and pricing expert, based on his best-selling book Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms.

He provides a pros and cons assessment of the wide variety of alternative pricing methods, including the cutting edge of subscription models that favor access and transformation over outputs and deliverables for a more predictable revenue stream and steadier workflow.

Key Takeaways

  • Better understand what, why & how clients want to buy
  • Learn how First and Second Laws of Pricing influence decisions
  • Employ anchoring & framing effects, psychology and emotions

Who Should Attend

Every forward-thinking agency leader involved in agency pricing strategy/client agreements.

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