ON DEMAND Turning Research Into Insights

Originally delivered 4/18/23 with 20 mins of Q&A

Robin Hafitz/Open Mind Strategy

Keys to discovering, translating & presenting eye-opening insights found in typical data

About the Speaker:

Robin Hafitz has been at the forefront of the evolving brand strategy and innovative research disciplines for over a decade.  One of the first practitioners of Account Planning in America, Robin has run agencies and research companies providing business-building insights for clients from Food Network to Facebook, Hyatt to History Channel, and in categories from beer to B2B, sports to sweets, and tech to toys. A frequent public speaker, Robin is a highly rated instructor on strategy, insight, research processes, and brief writing.


There’s more information readily available than ever before, but information ≠ insights. Turning research into insights means going beyond the findings to what they can mean for your brand.

Everyone involved in determining brand strategy and advertising creative can benefit from an enhanced understanding. Facts are simply data points; insights synthesize them into eye-opening discoveries related to brand fit, competitive opportunity, motivating power and the like.

Research is a vital starting point. Different types yield different outputs more useful for certain interpretations than others. Similarly, insights may be more appropriate for one brand than another. Learn what to look for and where to look based on your individual brand needs, using the right tools and expressing findings in a way that incites the “insight response.”

Recommendations are demonstrated with numerous practical, real world examples, showing you exactly how to uncover insights in research and other information you deal with every day.

Key Takeaways

  • What an insight really is – and what it isn’t
  • What clients expect and how to present findings
  • How to build your personal reputation as insightful

Who should attend

Strategists, Acct Managers, Creatives & Marketers responsible for delivering true insights

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