Optimizing Agency Growth

Acting Smarter to Get Bigger

Robert Patin/Creative Agency Success

Learn new ways to improve your business development process from an optimization expert

About the Speaker:

Robert is the Managing Partner and Founder of Creative Agency Success and a two-time international best-selling author (The Agency Blueprint & The Practical Agency). His focus is working with clients to manifest their dream business into reality, with a foundational principle that simplicity is best. Through decades of experience working in finance and over a decade working with Creative Agencies, he is able to partner expertly with clients to guide their businesses to achieve their goals.


Most agencies think the key to getting bigger is to focus on lead generation. The more pitches you make, the more assignments you win. This thinking is fundamentally flawed.

Instead of simply looking for more mice, you would do better by building a better mousetrap. This means a holistic approach to improving performance at every stage in the process of developing accounts, as true for growing existing clients as landing new business.

Agencies often have leaks throughout their business development funnel, points where they are not as good as they could be that result in unsuccessful outcomes. What opportunity areas have the most impact? Where are you consistently missing the mark?

If you want to grow your business dramatically by 2X or more, you typically need as little as a 5% improvement at each stage because each multiplies on the prior. With doing this you can dramatically grow your agency and your revenue.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify development process leaks and effective fixes
  • Determine specific action plan to accelerate growth
  • Learn Marketing & Sales Funnel Benchmarks

Who should attend?

Agency owners, leadership and all personnel involved in marketing & selling agency initiatives

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