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Remote work is the way of the world and presenters need to adapt.

You might’ve gotten away with boring audiences trapped in a conference room, but distracted multitaskers can now literally tune you out.

Great content is only half the battle. Our featured speakers are not only renowned for their expertise, they know attention must be earned with telegraphic ideas, high energy and allowing participants to participate.

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Transforming Client Relationships Into Valued Partnerships

Jeff Hiller/Highbar Training

Critical steps to shift from being regarded as capable service supplier to trusted advisor

Luke Sullivan/”Hey Whipple, Squeeze This”

A world class presenter shares his secrets on dazzling clients and making persuasive cases

Originally delivered 4/6/22 with 20 mins of Q&A

Stephanie Schulman

Identify the top warning signs of a client/agency relationship in need of extra attention and implement proactive tools to raise retention, growth & agency morale

Originally delivered 8/23/22 with 20 mins of Q&A

JEFF HILLER / Highbar Training

Inspire in person and virtual audiences alike by learning to present your ideas with the assured confidence and excitement you had coming up with them.

Originally delivered 10/5/23 with 20 mins of Q&A

Luke Sullivan/”Hey Whipple, Squeeze This”

Transform briefs from required assignments to inspiring opportunities that fire up the imagination of your creative teams.

Originally delivered 5/3/22 with 20 mins of Q&A

Chris Shumaker

An agency review expert shares proven insights and winning strategies for preparing RFP responses that give you a clear competitive advantage

Originally delivered 7/18/23 with 20 mins of Q&A

JEFF HILLER / Highbar Training

Transform stats, charts and complex ideas into riveting narratives that grab attention, keep people engaged and convince them you’re right with numerous real world before & afters.

Originally delivered 6/15/23 with 20 mins of Q&A

Jordan Waid/PRECOG Report

Learn from a leading futurist how macro trends can lead to stronger strategy & creative

Originally delivered 5/2/23 with 20 mins of Q&A

Jeff Hiller/Highbar Training

New tools for sharpening interpersonal skills, increasing collaboration and recharging common culture

Originally delivered 5/18/23 with 20 mins of Q&A

Jon Bond/Founder KBP

Retention as a growth strategy, boosting new biz & getting paid

Originally delivered 11/16/23 with 20 mins of Q&A

Tim Leake/Lightbulb

Help your agency become everything your clients need, before they even know they need it.

Originally delivered 4/18/23 with 20 mins of Q&A

Robin Hafitz/Open Mind Strategy

Keys to discovering, translating & presenting eye-opening insights found in typical data

Originally delivered 2/1/23 with 20 mins of Q&A

Cecilia Gorman/Creative Talent Partners

Ideas for strengthening pipeline of next gen leaders thru 4 unconventional development pillars

Originally delivered 12/13/22 with 20 mins of Q&A

Marc Strachan/CMO Adgile Media

Adapting to fundamental changes in Client requirements to cement your relationship

Originally delivered 11/15/22 with 20 mins of Q&A

Marcus Brown/Great Pitch Company

Expert advice on effective approaches, strategies and tactics for winning the re-pitch

Originally delivered 9/22/22 with 20 mins of Q&A

Greg Taucher

Learn how to evolve your account management to address changing client needs from former head of DDB Worldwide International

Originally delivered 10/26/23 with 20 mins of Q&A

Marc Strachan/CMO Adgile Media

A former agency and marketing exec explains what clients look for

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