Build a Major Agency in 3 Not So Easy Steps

Jon Bond/Founder KBP

Retention as a growth strategy, boosting new biz & getting paid

About the Speaker:

Jon Bond is one of advertising’s most recognized thought leaders & entrepreneurs, launching multiple companies and marketing concepts. He was co-founder/CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond (KBP), the original word of mouth agency with a modern, multi-disciplinary integrated approach. He was CEO of social media agency Big Fuel which he sold to Publicis, and Chairman of White Ops, a $1B ad fraud detection firm. He’s made numerous TV appearances and wrote Under The Radar on innovative marketing techniques translated into 5 languages.


When it comes to building a hugely successful agency, Jon Bond has been there, done that.

At the age of 29, he co-founded Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners, a NYC shop that pioneered guerilla marketing like sidewalk ads, pop up stores, and other forms of what we now know as viral marketing. The rest was history as they became a $1B agency.

It starts with putting your agency on the map with a unique positioning that you can thread throughout the entire agency and test to see if you’re differentiated. Then it’s understanding the psychology of getting yourself invited to the pitch with a secret weapon to win the day.

Jon identifies 3 new business “must do’s” that you probably aren’t and explains the advantages of “specialist” vs. generalist agencies. He also freely confesses the stupidest things he’s done that sounded brilliant at the time.

He concludes with a vision of the near future that should be your sweet spot with advice on using AI before it uses you. His talk provides plenty of examples from first hand experience of what works & what doesn’t.

Key takeaways:

  • How to overcome stagnation when growth tends to plateau
  • Self-promotion without being seen as self-promoting
  • Retention to grow, new business math & getting paid
  • How to institutionalize your strengths & bolster culture

Who should attend:

Designed for all disciplines and levels responsible for agency growth—from the C-Suite to account execs, Client Service to Planning.

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