LIVE Chew With Your Mind Open

10 Simple Principles of Selling Great Work

Cameron Day/Author, Award Winning Creative

An insider’s views on creating great campaigns and making sales

About the Speaker:

Cameron Day is author of the Advertising Survival Guide trilogy for creatives incl. Chew With Your Mind Open, Spittin’ Chiclets and a third volume arriving shortly. Regularly performs as an ideation consultant, featured speaker & mentor. Formerly award-winning ECD, CD and Writer for a variety of hot shops incl. Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, Amelie, GSD&M and McGarrah/Jessee.


“My partner and I were concepting TV for the Land Rover Discovery and our worst fears were realized. We hit on a really interesting idea that could not be executed within budget. Not even close. We knew we were screwed.”

So begins one of Cameron Day’s riveting accounts of life in the ad biz, where every meeting is a chance to craft the next unforgettable campaign. In this captivating webinar, the celebrated author and award-winning creative invites you into the behind-the-scenes magic of high-stakes pitches.

Nobody has spent more time witnessing the magic of Chiat/Day than the founder’s son, Cameron Day, immersed him in greatness from day one. Now, he shares his insider tips and tricks for selling great campaigns. Drawing from a lifetime of experience, Cam distills his wisdom into 10 powerful principles for convincing clients to take the ride with you.

From the moment you step into the meeting room, preparation is key. Cam guides you through preparing with passion, reading the room, sparking spontaneity, and creating engagement that sticks. In the pitch, framing is everything – where, when and how you present your ideas can be just as crucial as the work itself.

But theory only gets you so far. That’s why Cam walks you through three complete case studies, from inspiration to brand positioning, ad development, and the ultimate winning pitch. Featured studies include iconic brands like Diesel Shoes, Land Rover and Franklin County Health Services.

Throughout it all, Cam weaves in rollicking tales from the frontlines. With irreverence and wit, he proves that learning can be just as entertaining as the pitch itself. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride – because in advertising, every story is a chance to sell greatness.

Who Should Attend

All disciplines responsible for developing creative work and pitching great ideas, including Creatives, Accounts, Planners et al.

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