ON DEMAND A Top Creative on Making Sensational Presentations

Originally delivered 1/30/24 with 20 mins of Q&A

Luke Sullivan/”Hey Whipple, Squeeze This”

A world-class presenter shares his secrets on winning clients and making persuasive cases

About the Speaker:

Industry Icon Luke Sullivan spent his entire career at A+ agencies, incl. perennial AOY winners Fallon Worldwide and The Martin Agency. He has won 21 One Show medals and authored “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This,” the Bible of advertising in Amazon reviews and one of Ad Age’s Top 10 Marketing Books of All Time. Former professor at Savannah College of Art & Design for 10 years, now popular keynote speaker incl. SXSW Interactive Conference and international gigs from Auckland to Reykjavk and dozens in between.


Consider this: The typical Client was once a top manager who got promoted to oversee advertising. The typical agency director has spent their whole career managing the creative process.

Given this disconnect, it’s a wonder any truly creative ideas ever get sold. It’s like a hippie trying to sell an “invisible poetry machine” to a scientist.

Like scientists, clients trust facts; things they can measure. And they can’t measure creative power, even ideas presented energetically. Stand out presenters don’t start with what they think, but what they know. They discuss why before what. They establish connection and maintain focus as they move from one indisputable assertion to the next. And all in the form of a story, not a speech.

Join author, ad veteran, professor and celebrated speaker Luke Sullivan as he discusses the must-have’s any presenter needs to both interest their audience and persuade them to believe.

Key Takeaways

  • Why memorizing your presentation is wrong
  • Why nailing your opening is absolutely critical
  • Why making a mistake or two helps the cause

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to improve their batting average moving an audience from A to B on agency work of all kinds incl. creatives, strategists, account folks and new business teams.

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