Ahead Of The Curve

Guiding Organizations Thru Major Transformations

Navigate your group from early stages of denial and resistance to exploration and commitment

Change is the only constant in life. – Heraclitus

Change is the lifeblood of any organization. It’s navigating mergers & acquisitions, adapting to rapidly shifting market conditions, product innovations and disruptive technology. It’s updating accounting or inventory systems, pivoting business strategies or globalizing. It can simply be new leadership or department reorgs.

But even though change is inevitable doesn’t mean it’s easy. Stress is a very natural, human reaction, but it hurts performance and morale. It also explains why many initiatives never get off the ground. Like a commercial airline pilot, management’s job is to get everybody on board and to their destination with minimal distress.

Fortunately, people respond in predictable ways, mirroring the stages of grief. First comes Denial, “This can’t be happening.” Next Resistance, “I’m angry or afraid this is happening.” Then Exploration, “Maybe it’s not so bad.” And finally Commitment, “I’m glad this happened.”

With a sure hand, you can lead your group or team thru to a better future.

Key Takeaways

  • Anticipate stresses and reactions of implementing change
  • Recognize stage of acceptance of team and individuals
  • Take specific actions to help move people along