Crush the Call

How to Succeed in Remote Meetings

Grab attention from the start, keep engaged, get active participation and wrap things up right

“So, are we good? …Anyone? …OK, guess we’ll talk next week.”

Before social distancing, in-person meetings were already endangered by globalization, regional offices, contract labor and flex schedules. Business professionals need to adapt, now more than ever.

Brainstorming, planning, discussing options and reviewing results are how business happens. To stay on track, virtual meetings have to be productive. Laptops and smart phones were annoying; it’s almost impossible when you can’t directly interact.

Zoom, Webex or Gotomeeting are great, but surveys show video chats and conference calls 35% less effective. Yes, that zombie on your voicemail and chat window is really you. A few techniques can amplify your impact on the most distracted multitaskers.

How long should virtual meetings run? When’s the right time for collaborating vs. convincing? What’s the best way to share information that sparks reactions? How can you make sure everyone participates? Learn how and when to use videoconferencing tools to get the best from getting people together, wherever they may be.

Key Takeaways

  • Structure materials to communicate clearly and lead discussion
  • Maximize tools and personal presence to facilitate effectively
  • Create engagement, full participation and specific resolutions