How Stars Are Born

Developing, Coaching & Retaining Top Talent

Best practices for ensuring your best & brightest people stick around to become future leaders

This dual mandate is even more important in a tight job market. Companies that are notable for
retaining their top talent use four main strategies beyond compensation and job title:
Responsibility over significant areas, Authority to act independently, Visibility to important
people and Flexibility to set their own course.

This approach recognizes that true stars need to be treated differently from the average
employee before some other organization does. Everyone deserves equal opportunity to earn
that recognition, but once identified, it is informed managers who ensure that they get what
they’ve earned while maintaining team harmony.

Knowing what motivates uniquely talented people is the key to helping them achieve and
keeping them around for the long term. Managing their progress ensures your collective

Key Takeaways

  • Identify early signs and craft development plan
  • Oversee progress to realize their full potential
  • Create desire and rationale to stay on board