How Teams Succeed

Leading High Functioning Teams

Manage people for top performance thru better planning, motivation & accountability

Most managers learn on the job. They get promoted because they get things done, but that don’t necessarily translate to developing the same in others. They tend to assume everyone operates as they do and when in doubt, do it themselves. 

Even the most natural born leaders can sharpen their management skills. How to organize, evaluate and coach maximum performance according to individual abilities. How to provide direction and maintain alignment without micromanaging. How to instill a passion for success so their teams want to achieve their full potential, not have to.

People naturally rise to the occasion when they know exactly how their contributions affect the outcome, are invited to collaborate on establishing milestones and empowered to make it happen. Brilliant managers use these tools to get everyone pulling in the same direction.

Key Takeaways

  • Get buy in to quantified stretch goals for direct reports
  • Delegate well, create internal motivation & accountability
  • How to course correct, address issues & build on successes