Keep It Real

Smart Ways of Saying What Needs to Be Said

Uphold standards, challenge conventional wisdom and speak directly without stepping on toes

Do you want to know when you’re making a big mistake? Most people feel the same way about getting feedback. Yet too often, people avoid hot topics or say things the wrong way and only make matters worse.

The main hesitation is how input will be received. Most of us are terrible listeners, let alone when we don’t want to hear it. Will it be awkward? Will they tell me it’s not my business? Will they criticize me in the future? Healthy groups have learned to overcome their concerns with regular doses of open feedback in emails, meetings and calls.

But brutal honesty doesn’t mean honest brutality. It’s not just what you say, it’s being careful how you say it so they don’t take it personally. Interactive exercises teach you how to express your comments in daily situations, create a trusting environment and keep lines of communication open.

Key Takeaways

  • Balance caring personally and challenging directly
  • Create & maintain 2-way lines of communication
  • Express critical comments in most positive ways