Mightier Than the Sword

Become a Lean, Clean Writing Machine

Before & after demo’s show how clarity, brevity and simplicity make business writing impactful

Countless reports and emails are generated every year, but too many underwhelm by passing along reams of figures and carefully crafted words that simply describe information without providing real insight. The common result is boredom, confusion or both.

There are four fundamental purposes of business communication: to report, review, request or recommend. No matter the purpose, all should be engaging, easy to follow and convincing. This workshop teaches you how to maximize your effectiveness with the type of work you produce regularly in your specific role.

It starts with smart analysis with an action-orientation: what does it mean & why is it important? Information needs to be organized with strong logic flow that moves readers along effortlessly from one point to the next. Finally, structure documents based on 5 Rules of Strong Writing: Accuracy, Clarity, Brevity, Simplicity & Authority.

Real world company before & afters are used to prove points throughout and you are given the opportunity to work on your own documents so that you walk out not only knowing how to improve your efforts overall but with practical experience doing it for yourself.

Learning Objectives

  • Craft an intriguing narrative from typical business data
  • Simplify complex ideas and express in an engaging way
  • Make points more memorable, relatable & motivating