Seal The Deal

Expert Techniques for Negotiating Like a Pro

Learn specific steps that seasoned professionals follow to open, advance and close agreements

For many people, negotiating on a home or car is scary. They’re afraid about not asking for enough, giving up too much or not getting anything done. It’s the same in business, whether it’s formal agreements or deciding between competing ideas.

It helps to think of any negotiation as a game, with an agreed set of rules and predictable outcomes. Preparation makes a big difference. Build complete lists of Gives (willing to offer) & Gets (ideally want) prioritized by relative values, then do the same from the other side. It’s incredibly compelling when you make your case from your trading partner’s POV.

Once the game begins, then it’s all about how well you recognize what they are trying to do (intentionally or not) and how you respond. Learn 3 Golden Opens, 6 Success Strategies, 3 Pressure Tactics and 6 Closing Techniques. That sounds like a lot, but it’s common sense and you have more life experience than you realize. It just takes understanding and practice.

The focus is on applying principles to real world situations with numerous partner and table group exercises, not embarrassing front of the room role plays.

Key Takeaways

  • Plan & prepare for success in any type of negotiation
  • Open discussion, advance steadily & respond effectively
  • Know where to draw the line and when to bring to close