Speak Up & Stand Out

Building Your Brand with Executive Presence

Make lasting impressions, command respect, speak with authority and earn a seat at the table

In business, certain people just seem to have it. They don’t wait to be offered a seat at the
table or asked for an opinion, their voices get heard. “It” is the executive presence studies
show is critical to career success. It should also be the foundation for your personal brand.

Everyone has a reputation whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s who you are to people who
know you, and who to expect for those who don’t. It helps to be taken seriously as someone
who adds tremendous value in any situation by knowing when and how to speak up.

It comes much easier for certain groups. Sales, Marketing sometimes even Operations seem
to suck all the oxygen out of any room they’re in. Same for more seasoned managers. Their
opinions tend to dominate while others can struggle to rise above the din. Don’t let them.

One main ingredient is gravitas, projecting a sense of confidence, decisiveness, and poise
under pressure. Another is polished appearance, habits & speaking skills that make you clear
and convincing. Do it right, and you will impress colleagues and executives alike as a natural
born leader eminently capable in any situation regardless of your experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Make outstanding, lasting impressions on important people
  • Offer strong POVs, fully engage and respond with confidence
  • Make difficult decisions under pressure with imperfect info