The Secrets of Influence

6 Proven Principles to Gain Agreement

Capitalize on basic human instincts to get your ideas accepted and recommendations approved

Every once in a while, an idea is so universally, obviously appealing, it can sell itself. But unless your next assignment is the iPhone of weekly reports, it may need a little help.

The inherent thinking or depth of explanation is only part of how people respond. It helps to be more persuasive. Research reveals 6 principles programmed into all of us that can influence others to agree.

Herd mentality says there’s safety in numbers that leads people to perceived most popular choices and multiple options, usually picking the middle one. Reciprocity says they will feel obligated to go along if you make early acknowledgments or concessions with no strings attached. Similarly powerful principles exist for Commitment, Authority, Scarcity & Likability.

You’ll have a lot more success when you know how to position your thinking to be well- received and influence the outcome.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand 6 principles of influence and why they work
  • How to apply in the course of your everyday work life
  • Experience practicing each in real world situations