Should you adjust to different personalities or just be yourself?


I was a 23-year old account executive at my first sales meeting when I heard about personality profiles. Somebody gave a keynote over lunch, and I was riveted. I scribbled notes on a hotel note pad that I’ve shared with anyone who ever worked for me. They’re framed and still hang in my office.

In the years since, I’ve endured a half dozen formal trainings from different providers (DiSC, Myers-Briggs, PI, LSI, etc), some lasting for 3  w h o l e  d a y s (ugh). They change the names and invent overly elaborate systems so they can charge a lot, but everyone uses the same basic 4-square model. Why? Because it works.

Drivers are direct, no nonsense, decision-making machines with itchy trigger fingers. Innovators are inspiring life of the party types who never met a budget or deadline they couldn’t exceed. Stabilizers are warm, friendly & loyal, truly human beings who pump people up and cover their mistakes. Calculators are cautious, careful, detail demons who get things done and done right.

Of course, people are different and of course, you should adjust your approach in all your interactions to be most effective. What happens inside your head is all you, but the way it comes out should be a reflection of them. It’s common sense how to proceed so long as you remember to think of them first.

Hope I just saved you 3 agonizing days trapped in a training room or Zoom call…you’re welcome!

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